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Heart Attack

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Dear followers, in the last few months was realy busy and i didnt had the time for my wordpresspage…sorry for that. But now i´m back! In the next days and weeks i will upload some of my new work i´ve done in the last months! Hope you still enjoy my work and keep following my site… well, cheers to you and never kiss the devils ass..except the devil is a beautyfull wommen – then kiss her ass with a dirty smile 😉 PS:sorry for my bad english..but i´m german,harharhar



Bang II


The New Ones

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WTF? ;-)

Hi followers….during the last few weeks i was very busy, i decided to go more into people photography…at the moment i feel a little bit bored with landscapes…don´t know why, i´ve done so many landscapes for years, maybe its part of my progress and i needed some new goals. However..peoplephotography becomes an interesting part and the fun-factor is extreme 🙂
Hope you like my new pictures more than the bastards from fb…i can´t believe fb banned two of my new pictures from my fb-site.
“Love it – or hate it” 😉
My new Homepage! Yes…i´m still working on it…at the moment the words on the page are in german language, but i will change it during the next days.
Feel free to visit
If you are an Artist, Photographer, Model or whatever and like to be part of my linklist just send me an e-mail 😉

Shooting with Anja

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my friend…

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just a snapshot of my visitor…

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